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Company Overview

A Nevada based corporation, Pacific Oil Company is a dynamic junior energy company with both established assets and production within the energy rich province of Saskatchewan Canada.

The company continues to add value and set the stage for rapid success through low risk acquisitions and organic growth achieved through further development of existing properties. Pacific Oil fully understands that a balance must be struck between short term profitability, increasing net asset value and the long term growth that rewards early shareholder.


Pacific Oil operates under the notion that operational efficiency achieved through the minimization of administrative overhead is of the upmost importance if costs are to be kept under control and profits maximized for investors.  All capital expenditures must provide value and risk control must be present at all times.

2013 is turning out to be a fantastic year and the company is on track to hit a number of major milestones by year’s end. Signup for the Pacific Oil update newsletter to be informed of the successes as these milestones are met.

arrow.picto Pacific Oil Company is currently focused on these two projects:

1) The Sundance Project (Heavy Oil – Producing)

2) The Lacadena Project (Natural Gas – Producing)

Core Company Values


icon1Fiscal discipline must be practiced in regards to debt and maintaining minimal administrative overhead.

icon2Available man power and operational capacity must be factored into the expansion equation.

icon3Proper risk management must be factored in and incorporated into the decision making process.

icon4Joint venture partners must have strong balance sheets, a proven track record of success and conform to the company’s core value of maintaining minimal administrative overhead.

icon5All potential acquisitions must be rigorously  vetted through a strong set of control mechanisms and extensive due diligence.